Louis Baker is set to roll out colourful new material

August 17, 2016

Across a series of carefully crafted singles and a richly detailed five-track EP

While his songbook has just eight entries to date, soulful singer-songwriter Louis Baker is ready to roll out a clutch of new material, songs written and recorded with new friends and collaborators, and which carry the weight of new experiences and understandings.

"I feel like my essence and my approach to making music hasn’t changed at all. It’s always been about honesty and being true to your art. I want my music to evoke something in the listener, some kind of emotion or feeling. At the core of it, it’s always been about trying to get through to someone – to express and share what is human", says Louis.

The first in this eagerly awaited set is Rainbow, a song penned in New Zealand and recorded half a world away at Red Bull Studios London with The Nextmen’s Brad Ellis.

Here’s a little teaser for you -

Refracting the light of Louis’ deeply personal songwriting, Rainbow projects the full spectrum of a committed friendship, its intensity undimmed by the distance he’s travelled to take his music worldwide.

Carried by a heartrending vocal performance and set to the elegantly austere backing of acoustic guitar, piano, keyboards and gentle percussion.

“When you find that girl in your life who will stick with you through thick and thin, hold on to her,” says Baker. “I keep coming back to certain concepts and themes, and I’ve always been inspired by all the colours between black and white. Colour encapsulates love for me. The song is very vulnerable and authentic to who I am – and you only get that kind of emotion through real, lived-in experience.”

As a first look at a brand new batch of songs, this multihued first offering is an intimate, expressive sign of things to come. And, as Louis explains, the heart and soul of his rich, resonant songwriting continues to burn bright as he readies the next chapter of his musical journey.

Tune in next Friday the 26th of August to celebrate the official release of Rainbow