February 18, 2016

What happens when you take a indie rock band from Georgia, challenge them to make a new song and send them on the road to the Eurovision Contest 2016? That's the case of Young Georgian Lolitaz, made up of Nika Kocharov (lead vocals and guitar), Levan Shanshiashvili (Guitar), Giorgi Marr (Bass Guitar) and Dimitri Oganesian (Drums), who have become the first all male band to represent the region at Eurovision with their song "Midnight Gold".

Currently recording at Red Bull Studios Berlin, we wondered: What will it take to produce a winning song? Nika Kocharov chimed in of course, with his in-studio must-haves, that not only keep his creative flow going while working long hours making music, but also remind him a little bit of home.

Electro Harmonix Microsynth: "This is one of my favorite pedals. Even though it was designed for bass, I really enjoy the way it interacts with my guitar."

Hard drive: "This little black box contains everything I represent. Everything I’ve ever done is in it, well except for my kids :) you could hold it hostage and ask me for anything and I will do it. AND I MEAN ANYTHING…"

Churchkhela: "This is Georgian snack/dessert made of grape juice & walnuts on a string. The taste is exact opposite of its looks, if you know what I mean."

9v battery: "I always have one on me, because almost every guitar pedal runs on them. As you’ve probably guessed I’m a pedal freak. Even though my pedal board has a power supply, I still have couple in my pocket/bag at all times, just in case."

Ginger & lime: "I caught cold few days back and someone told me that ginger & lime tea helps. Usually I wouldn’t care and let it run its course, but as I work in the studio at the moment and have to sing, I tried and I think there’s might be something to it."

Glasses: "These are my glasses, well.. for seeing. Usually I wear them when I drive or need to see something far  (which is 5 meters away). I broke them on my way to Berlin while filming scene for my music video in Istanbul airport."

Guitar picks: "There’s not much to say about it. I never leave my house without one. This is the only brand and thickness I use since I was 15."

Passport: "I could go as far as saying I don’t believe in borders and passports, but instead I’ll just disguise my frustration in my lyrics."

Keys: "Usually I have five times as much keys on my chain, but as I’m traveling I only need few."

Headphones: "I rarely use headphones, except for when I’m on a plane and in the studio but every time I put them on, I think: this is awesome, why don’t I listen to music in the headphones more often, but then I immediately forget about it and get on with my life."

Jordanian scarf: "This is a scarf that saved me from certain death from tonsillitis the day before the vocal recording. We were shooting the whole day on the streets of Berlin with photographer Nika Kramer and she gave me this scarf. Even though she was the reason of my near death experience, it was nice of her :)."

Toothbrush: "Well it’s just a toothbrush. Keep your teeth nice & shiny kids."