May 02, 2016

Catch up with Red Bull Studios Tokyo favorites Daito Manabe + Nosaj Thing, as they talk about new projects and their Coachella performance.


(Translated from Japanese)



How long have you been collaborators?

Daito: We met on Twitter in 2009, but we didn’t start collaborating until six years ago to work on the Eclipse/Blue project in 2011. The other collaborations were for the “Cold Stares” music video, and live collaborations at Electraglide and Taicoclub.



What’s the story behind Nosaj Thing’s musical style? What are your thoughts on it?

Daito: He is always challenging himself to create new music. And the beautiful melody and texture, he accepts the evolution of his rhythm and lets his energy flow naturally. Listening to that evolution on his new EP (new work called No Reality was released on April 8) is enjoyable.


How then do you proceed with a collaboration?

Nosaj: I first send the music I’m making to SEV. But a little meeting with two people about the visual representation of that track usually comes later from SEV and his team. In the course of more opportunities to work together , it has also spread ideas .



Who is Nosaj behind closed doors?

Daito: Details have always stimulated me, so I am inspired by the story behind Nosaj’s music and his street fashion. His sound is always fun and positive, and he blends notes effortlessly.  


On the contrary, what’s fascinating about Daito Manabe’s style and creative process?

Nosaj: SEV is a genius, always to trying to push the limits. And that has always amazed me. I think his talent is evident; just take a look at his YouTube channel. Really, it's crazy!



Nosaj: When I think about how we first met, even now, it was a strange encounter. I was on YouTube in 2009, checking various videos, and I found and watched Sev’s "electric stimulus to face" video. I immediately thought, "I want to get in touch!” and started to look for his website. I found his Twitter account instead and sent him a message, like “I really like your work.”  And he replied, "I know your music." Of course, I was totally surprised. 

And now we’re collaborated for Coachella this year, which started from this random Twitter meeting… and that’s really interesting to me.  



You’ve collaborated for live events before, but this time you’re taking the Coachella stage together, and we know how massive that audience is. Does that make the process of creating together all the more enjoyable?

Daito: Of course, but we mostly want people to move their bodies, to really experience this whole new body of work that is Nosaj’s new live set. I'm honored to do it in conjunction with Jason (Nosaj’s real name), though it’s frustrating for me not be enjoying it from the audience, like a fan.



Nosaj: SEV and his team have provided us with these amazing visuals that went beyond what we’ve ever seen before! We are excited to be able to perform a new live set to the world, because the work that has been ready to be heard for a long time. We look forward to giving fans a memorable experience.




Can’t make it to the Coachella Music Festival? Watch the live stream April 15 - 17 and April 22 - 24, on YouTube, here: