December 05, 2014

"The word 'dengue' in Peru is slang for the feeling you get before you go to a party, that anxious feeling you get in you stomach when you know you have an epic party night ahead of you," Dengue Dengue Dengue! shared about coming up with their name. It also lends itself to the Cuban rhythm of the same name, which they discovered one day written multiple times in big letters on an album cover they have at home. Like a glaring red sign that red 'go,' this was their entry into who they are now. On the surface, one might assume that Peruvian based production duo has caught the tropical bass fever. Look a little bit further and you'll see they're a movement to be reckoned with. Having made music under different banners for years, including with the Auxiliar collective with whom they run a record label, not to mention their infamous TOMA! parties and audiovisual installations, it was a no brainer to add Dengue Dengue Dengue! to the 20Before15 list of greats. But how did they get here? Let the turn up kings tell you in their own words...

Your parties are pretty popular. Describe the first party you threw as Dengue Dengue Dengue. What do you remember most? Share your memory.

The first TOMA! party we threw was very special. We had already played before a couple of times as Dengue Dengue Dengue in other local parties, but this was the first time that we gathered all the local producers and had a proper tropical bass lineup.We rented a place for about 300 people, and had about 400 people turn up. It was crazy. When we finished our set, people just wouldn’t stop cheering.

Then someone had the “great” idea of spraying paper gas on the dance floor, so we had to evacuate the place. But people where so into the party that they waited outside until it cleared up. [Eventually] everyone went back in and we stayed until 7 am.


Name the top 3 songs that inspired you as artists (or that you can't have a party without) and why?

Well that keeps changing all the time, but if we are talking about the beginning we would say: Chancha Via Circuito's "Bosques via Tempery". An amazing track, sweet and trippy; [the] perfect track to start a DJ set. Major Lazer's "Hold the Line (Frikstailers remix)" is an awesome remix and awesome video too. This track is still heard at every party. Elegante & la Imperial's "Piénsalo (Culo)" is one of the first Peruvian productions of the genere. It's a true inspiration for us.


Wearing masks are very much a part of what you do...and it seems to be an ongoing trend among DJs in the electronic dance world. The colors we know come from Chicha posters, so we're curious, do you were the masks for culture or style? And what do the faces of your masks represent?

We´ve been collaborating for almost eight years now on different projects beside DDD. So when we decided to start DDD, we chose using masks as a way to make a difference between other projects and this one. It´s also an opportunity for us to be  playful, to represent in our own way how carnivals and parties are held in Peru.

These days all genres of music are becoming more and more hybrid. What do you think is the future of future cumbia/tropical bass?

Well, globalization is in every aspect of our lives now, and music is clearly showing this.We believe that it's a great thing that artists can choose from such a wide range of generes to build tracks, but you always have to give it your own touch, a spark of creativity to make it unique.

There is a real electronic movement bubbling to the surface in Latin America, which is really awesome.. but equally as strong is a return to more traditional sounds from the region. Is  it just nostalgia? 

We think it goes beyond nostalgia. For so long we´ve been playing around with sounds that come from other cultures-- line house, techno, dub, etc. We love that music and we feel its ours now too, but as Latin Americans we also need to express ideas and feeling that come from our own culture, and we´ve been ignoring this for a long time. Now we are embracing our own roots and it just feels right. We are finally bringing something to the table.


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