Red Bull Studios Connect with New York Transit Authority and Detroit Swindle

  • Datum

    9 augustus, 2013

  • Locatie


  • Time

    23.00 - 05.00

  • address

    Bird Rotterdam

Red Bull Studios Connect and Bangers & Mash bring talent together with their international inspirers in the studio and on the stage. Young Dutch artists are teaming up with seven international artists like Breach, Mosca and Jordan Peak. The couples travel during this musical journey from the studio to the club and on to Mysteryland. The project kicks off with an intensive studio session where the couples are working on a track. Next stop is two clubs in Rotterdam and the ultimate climax of the journey; a back2back session at Mysteryland 2013. Talent meets inspiration. The first Clubnight will be held in one of Holland's best kept secrets, Bird Rotterdam. Guest of Honor is Boddika, one of the firestarters of the post-dubstep era, and a long-time producer and dj from the UK. The other international guest is New York Transit Authority who created some major buzz with their FACT mix a year ago. The young Dutchies from the Studios Connect project are represented by Chaiba, Detroit Swindle, and Know V.A.


New York Transit Authority b2b Chaiba
Detroit Swindle
Know V.A.