April 22, 2013

The gents of Detroit Swindle visited us in January for the first Red Bull Music Academy Session of 2013: An intimate masterclass for 15 dj's and producers, ranging from upcoming talent to household names.

There's no denying Lars Dales and Maarten Smeets aka Detroit Swindle have had a extraordinarily successful year and this translates directly to the amount of submissions: none of the 2012 sessions have had more. Amongst the participants we find Unders, L’Atelier, Lumberjacks in Hell head honcho Marcel Vogel, Phoenix Ramone and the Red Planet crew, responsible for events like Green Room.

The message Lars & Maarten were stressing most was 'Fool around, fool around a lot. Just do stuff.' A lot of experimenting and doing things not by the book, that will give you new insights. They showed us by breaking down the vocal loop in ‘Brotherman’, which accidentally has a different count, but it makes the track all the more interesting.

One of the participants notices they didn't use an a capella for the sample, but simply chopped it straight from the whole song. "Doesn't it bother you guys, to have more sounds than you were going for?' Lars and Maarten explained how they twisted and turned the sample to make it fit. 'Having all this extra sound and noise can really add to a track.'

It doesn't matter how dirty your track is, as long as your mix is clean.

As a grand finale, we got a little peek in the structure of a Detroit Swindle live set, and they shared a rather amusing anecdote on how the live set started in the first place: It turns out Dirt Crew kind of pushed them into it, by booking them as a live act for a Dirt Crew Label Night in Berlin, without them having ever done a live set or even preparing one. By now their initial live set up has gone through a few changes: 'Before we had loads of time during our live set to down a beer and it was all a little safe. No it's hard work, but way more fun!'